Direct marketing by specialists

All-time steadiness, accuracy and precision is our claim to be the right partner for your direct marketing campaigns. After having brought countless successful projects to completion within all areas, we are capable of giving the right advice while helping to calculate optimally and efficiently.

Mailings and lettershop

Up to 100.000 sendings are leaving our house daily – no matter whether classical letters, self mailer, 3D mail, fax, or traditional e-mail – direct + online is supervising the whole process of development, production and mail-order.

Through modern high performance printing press we are capable of producing special editions and cardboard packaging in almost every possible variation. Creasing, sectioning, inserting, putting in envelopes, stamping and postal charges – the direct + online lettershop will be integrated into the production process, in order to avoid financial burden and extra work within every working phase.

We place particular weight on practice-based guidance – for it is only when the whole process is guided with professional support, it will maximize your benefit. You are planning strategically – we are transacting for you.

Document capture, response recording, sample inspection and sample dispatch

Direct marketing is synonymous with communication. Nowadays a flawless recording of customer data is inevitable. You see a few examples here:


  • You attached a response element to a mailing in the pattern of a request form for brochures,
  • You want to collect customers feedback with questionaires,
  • You are conducting events or schoolings, intending to document the results via question paper or also to award CME ( Continuous Medical Education) points,
  • Your clients can request sample medicine through an answering form. Naturally, you want to make sure that the requests are coming from an authorized person via The German Advertising In The Health Care System Act ( HWG). Also, legal restrictions according to AMG ( the regulations of the German Drugs Act ), HWG and pharma code have to be considered .

direkt + online is equipped with an all-digital response management system, navigating and automating customer acceptance in the form of facsimile templates or analogue documents, assignment of the documents to the right customer, automatic or manual document reading and the deposition and the report of the files along with the data that have been already read.

We are providing online upstream information about the capacity and the quality of the responses at any time during document-capture and response registration. After completion of the respective campaigns or during selectable periods during the campaign you are receiving from us the obtained digitised documents as well as the already read and collected data for further processing.

Surely we are not only completing sample inspection and model documentation upon request, checking contingents and budgets, we are also taking responsibility for the requested mailings, brochures or pharmaceutical samples - all from a single source.


Once it happens, then unexpectedly and under high time pressure. What do we do now? What should be kept in mind? How can you keep the deadlines? direkt + online is holding a carefully designed emergency plan readily available. Integral part is, for instance, a secured emergency file, containing signatures of all representatives, current letterheads and all accurately, cooperatively defined measures concerning the process.

The impact: Within 24/48 hours all doctors and pharmacies in Germany are informed.

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