HCP / Doc Adresspool

Your uncomplicated access to up-to-date addresses

direkt + online stands for one of the most permanently cultured healthcare reference data base in Germany.

As a specialized provider we are concentrating on the issues of the pharmaceutical industry, the production of medicines, medical engineering as well as medical publishers.

No matter if you are addressing a mailing to a new target group or if you want to qualify your subscribers, if you want to make sure that your mailings are distributed regularly or if you want to get the most recent data for your CRM or ERP system – direkt + online is the right partner for you.

Important target groups from one single source

Our reference database HCP / DocBase includes following decision makers and target groups:

-          Doctors from medical centers as well as established, practicing doctors

-          Dentists, alternative practicioners, podologists, ophtalmologists

-          Diabetes advisers, diabetes assistants as well as dietition assistants

-          Specialized nurses and hospital aides

-          Community pharmacists as well as pharmacists from medical centers

-          Healthcare professionals, technical stuff, organizational personell like purchasing managers, business executives, IT-system managers etc.

Furthermore, congenial to all target groups all informations concerning address and institution are constantly available.

Up-To-The-Minute data by full scale care

Through extensive team work with:

-          More than 5.500 pharmaceutical consultants

-          Renowned specialist publishers with a total circulation of more than 23 mio.

-          Medical call centers

-          Web portals, news services, public internet services

there is a daily report of address changes to the reference data base. Our work on our data bank doesn´t rely on third hand information, though. All gathered information is certificated without exception through different, most diverse sources and checked telephonically by our employees.

We are specialists for data integration.

It doesn´t just take an exclusive data base to reach a professed goal.

In fact, it´s all about adapting quality data, accumulating them, integrating them into your system and keeping them contemporary.

Since the founding years of direct + online, it has been our aim to combine address- and direct marketing services with first-rate data – and IT management and knowledge.

Data comparison and assimilation of data sources

You might hold an amount of data in need to be synchronized with reference data base HCP / Doc Base or you need to have your target group enlargended. In both cases data adjustment and enhancement is required. For this purpose direkt + online uses a combination of solutions for data alignment and in-house-development for images of the recent healthcare market. As a result you receive an optimally consolidated data stock without any loss of relevant information.


Are you facing the challenge of having to get rid of double entries within your data pool? For this purpose the market offers diverse solutions for cleaning up double entries – this is a task not only made for direct + online. The problem is hidden – as always – within the detail…

-          Doctors with a name change after marriage have to be considered.

-          A relocation of the doctor´s office took place and the new address has to be found out.

-          The few cases of a junior and senior doctor with exactly the same first name and surname working within the same doctor´s office.

In this case direct + online is the right partner, not only with excellent tools but with the key knowledge about the data.

Adress clearing – the right way to an up-to-date data base within your system

A lot of our customers operate with their own brand of RCM or ERP systems, constantly to be fed with recent addresses and data, preferably without great efforts. We are offering the appropriate solutions to synchronize these data.

Under the term address clearing we subsume any technical connection to the address pool HCP / DOC base, whereat in the case of bidirectional clearing changes and new systems are possible within your data stock for every single one of your users. In the case of an unidirectional clearing there are no changes and new systems within your data base. Within the bidirectional clearing our systems and technical processes make sure that every data change within your system will be incorporated at direct + online as well.

Many projects manifested the standing and the wealth of experience of direct + online – amongst them many small or midsize clients as well as the top 10 of Germanys pharmaceutical companies so it can always draw on prefabricated interface templates as well as best practice so chances are that it will work flawlessly from day one.