Local and global IT solutions with industry expertise

From the very beginnings of direct + online, IT solutions and data management belong to the corporate portfolio. As a specialized provider we are familiar with content-related, legal and industry-specific details. For more that 10 years we are the accomplished partner for preparations, planning, design, realization, rollout and the operation and the support of sophisticated computer applications with profound technical know how and a steadily growing number of users

With our direction towards online processes since 2001 we were the forerunners of a continuing trend, progressing in recent years, being re-confirmed by our own strategy on a daily basis.

Our focus, though, does not only rely on apps but also on the whole spectrum of process management. Furthermore you will find a collection of our products - apps you can use right from the start or have it custom-made.

E-Permission management solutions – thinking forward

E-mail marketing often seems to be a topic of uncertainty: Is it necessary to gain an official permission? And if, where and how can you achieve it? How does the whole process work in the long run? direkt + online is offering the answers to your requests – as well as suitable solutions on all electronic platforms and communication networks.

Digital marketing, especially in context with sales promotion, is subjected to strict statutory reqirements. Among other things, there are German laws to be respected, concerning this subject-matter called Regelung des Telemediengesetzes ( TMG, a law handling and controlling electronic and other media ), Gesetz gegen unlauteren Wettbewerb ( UWG, a law against unfair competition) and Bundesdatenschutzgesetz ( BDSG, a law for privacy protection ). Therefore a transfer of secure digital communication is neccessary, especially if you need to trace real-time opt-in and opt-out processes.

Our ways to handle E-permission management are built modularly. You choose the relevant elements and are free to order further parts to enrich the process. Amongst others these tools are available:

  • A programme to conduct and validate an established address pool
  • A programme to automatically analyse preferences
  • Web portals and customer portals able to assign individual log ins
  • Validity check and HWG conformity ( HWG is a German law supervising advertising within the pharma world. ) We check the validity and the status of all labelled participants, no matter under what statement the subscriber is registered
  • CRM-adjustment. We make sure, that the registered participants get assigned to the corresponding CRM clients
  • Offline-compatible applications to investigate digital permission
  • E-Mail-management, distribution management with continuous integration of valid electronic information within back-end-systems ( respectively E-mail shipping software )
  • E-Mail-transmission, bounce-and-response-management, naturally fully integrated into e-permission processes

iPads in sales force

Constant changes within the health care market fueled with growing competition as well as some new legal allowances ( like the AMNOG – Gesetz zur Neuordnung des Arzneimittelmarktes – or the amendment of the BDSG – Bundesdatenschutzgesetz ) cause high demands in the fields of marketing and sales concerning speed and flexibility.

The growing use of iPads in pharmaceutical field services is a good example. The iPad is highly accepted within the health care market and is already used as an effiency-rasing tool where sales and customer satisfaction are concerned. In this case pharma-related iPad applications dealing with CRM and data management are required.

direkt + online is a longtime service provider and IT expert within pharmacy, offers in-house web-related CRM , pharma marketing tools as well as major know how in the fields of interface- and integration services, supporting new processing with specific applications:

  • Our applications are multifunctional stand-alone-types with the potentical of a seamless inculsion of working CRM -and ERP-processes. So you can use them in full range of functions, regardless how far you internal processes are developed - furthermore they can be fully integrated.
  • Think global, act local: Legal specifics of the German health care market as well as those of other countries markets are pictured by our apps one-to-one and can be certificated.
  • Offline is a must: All our offered applications can be used offline, working effortlessly under any conditions.

CRManager 4.1 - modular framework for all marketing processes

The direct + online in-house manufactured framework CR manager is capable to work under all crucial circumstances within todays pharmaceutical marketing.




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