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Easily identifying and exploiting market potential with direkt + online’s data services

Due to the abundance of information to be processed, healthcare related data management is becoming increasingly complex. At the same time, the target groups’ expectations to customised communication are rising. Only excellent data quality and a precise selection of the relevant target groups will guarantee for your measures to hit the mark.

In Germany, direkt + online GmbH is the leading provider for the provision of sustainably maintained and daily updated healthcare reference databases. As specialised provider, we focus entirely on the pharmaceutical sector’s, the medical device industry’s and medical technology’s as well as pharmaceutical publishers’ needs.

Top-quality data: HCP/DocBase address pool​

Regardless of whether you wish to send a mailing to a new target group, qualify your customers, continuously feed your CRM or ERP system with new data, or gain new insights into your current or potential future customers: we create the basis for your message to reach your audience – precisely, reliably and effectively.

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The most important target groups from a single source

Our HCP/DocBase reference database contains, among others, information on the following decision makers and target groups:

  • Physicians from hospitals and private practices
  • Dentists, alternative practitioners, podiatrists, ophthalmologists
  • Diabetes advisors, diabetes assistants and dieticians
  • Specialised nurses
  • Pharmacists from public pharmacies and hospital pharmacies
  • Medical, technical and organizational staff such as purchasing managers, managing directors, IT managers, etc.

We support you in optimising your research and more effectively identifying potential contacts: additional information on the institution and address as well as contact details and further attributes are available for all target groups.

Daily updated data due to thorough maintenance

Our data research staff continuously checks the data provided by us by telephone, thus ensuring for new information to be recorded fast and independently and for existing data to always be accurate. Furthermore, our network reports to us possible changes to our database on a daily basis. However, in data maintenance, we do not rely upon third-party information. Every change is checked against various sources and is recorded only after it has been verified by telephone. Thus, you may rest assured that your data will always be up-to-date and reliable.

Our stakeholder network:

  • Thousands of pharmaceutical representatives
  • Renowned medical specialist publishers with a total circulation of more than 23 million p.a.
  • Medical call centres
  • Web portals, press service providers, internet service providers, etc.

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Sandra Trecker

Head of Sales