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Use data effectively and profitably: with direkt + online’s integration services

An excellent database is generally only the first step on your way to success. In order to be able to effectively use the addresses, the data should not only be matched and enriched with existing information in your company, but also integrated into your systems and kept permanently up-to-date. This is the only way to ensure the communication success you are aiming for.

As data integration specialist, direkt + online offers you an ideal connection to your IT systems. We combine an excellent database with first-class IT and data management know-how, thus helping you to address your target group effectively and personally.

The key to communication success: Intelligent data preparation and integration

Our data matching and data source integration expertise enables us to synchronise already existing data with our HCP/DocBase reference database. In this context, we rely upon specialised in-house developments in order to best reflect the healthcare market’s particularities. The result: an optimally consolidated and constantly updated database allowing customised communications with your target group.

Duplicate cleansing

There are many sources of error, regardless of whether doctors have changed their names, for example, due to marriage, a change of practice and the resulting possible change of address, or whether senior and junior doctors have the same name in the same practice.

In order not to diminish your data quality by incorrect entries, you should attach particular importance to the cleansing of duplicates. For this challenge, too, direkt + online is your perfect partner thanks to our excellent tools and comprehensive know-how.

Address clearing

In order to ensure smooth business processes, CRM or ERP systems must be continuously fed with current addresses and data. This applies in particular to the dynamic healthcare market.

Due to our longstanding, intensive cooperation with small and medium-sized customers as well as the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Germany and Europe, direkt + online has built up a wealth of experience in the area of address clearing. This enables us to rely upon prefabricated interface templates thus ensuring an efficient synchronisation of your data.

We enable you to connect your systems with our HCP/DocBase reference pool and offer both bidirectional and unidirectional clearing solutions. If you should opt for bidirectional clearing, direkt + online’s systems ensure that any change in your database will be checked and taken into account when updating your systems.

Our systems and processes ensure for any change and new entry in your database to be checked and validated, thus ensuring seamless updates to your systems.

Address clearing is a process in the course of which the addresses (for example, of customers or business partners) contained in your databases or systems are matched against a reference pool in order to ensure that the addresses are accurate and up-to-date. If you opt for bidirectional clearing, every user can make changes and enter new addresses directly in your database – while your database will be continuously updated by us. Unilateral clearing, on the other hand, is only useful if you do not make any changes to your database yourself and wish to fully rely upon the data to be updated by us.

The modular solution for marketing and sales processes Aurora

In the data-driven healthcare sector, it is crucial to quickly respond to changing market conditions and trends. With Aurora, we offer you a solution enabling you to flexibly adapt to new challenges and exploit arising opportunities.

Customer relationship management

Aurora is a modular system offering you a wide range of components from the classic pharmaceutical sales force management solution up to a fully integrated sales and distribution cockpit. You can individually decide which system components are relevant for your business and flexibly combine these modules.

Marketing data warehouse

In addition, Aurora contains a marketing data warehouse bringing together all marketing and sales information. This offers you a wide range of selection and evaluation options in order to obtain the information relevant for you and plan tailored marketing measures.

ePermission Management

Furthermore, Aurora enables you to structure your digital communication processes in a legally compliant manner. The system includes, among other things, web-based permission management, preference analytics in order to identify relevant areas of interest and a validity check as well as CRM matching.

Digital marketing is subject to certain rules. These rules are defined by laws such as the German Telemedia Act (“TMG”), the German Law against unfair Competition (“UWG”) and the German Federal Data Protection Act (“BDSG”). In order to comply with these rules, enterprises must apply secure processes, in particular when using various communication channels to address their customers and must ensure that customers can unsubscribe from receiving advertising at any time.

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