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Successfully putting measures into practice: with direkt + online’s communication services

Valid and fully integrated address data is an important component in planning and implementing marketing measures. In order to guarantee success, it is crucial that all implementation-related aspects are accompanied by a high level of precision and reliability – from production and packaging to shipping.

As reflected by our name, direkt + online is the ideal partner for your online marketing. No matter which channels you wish to use, we support you with our comprehensive expertise from various successfully implemented projects and help you to use your budget optimally and efficiently.

Direct marketing by specialists Mailings and lettershop

Every day, up to 100,000 mailings leave our house – be it in the form of classic letters, self-mailers, 3D mailings, faxes or emails: direkt + online supports you throughout the entire development, production and shipping process.

With state-of-the-art high-performance printing systems, we produce almost any kind of promotional printed matter. You wish special forms or cardboard packaging? No problem – our integrated final processing makes everything possible. Our lettershop is integrated in the production process, thus saving unnecessary additional work and money during every stage – from folding and cutting to inserting, enveloping, stamping, postage optimisation and mail handling.

We place particular emphasis on practice-oriented advice – your benefit can be maximised only if the entire process is professionally supported. You plan strategically – we take care of implementation.

Direct Healthcare Professional Communication (“Dear Doctor Letters”)

If an emergency occurs, it is always unexpected and subject to considerable time pressure. What needs to be done now? What must be observed? How can we meet the required deadlines? For these situations, direkt + online has developed a carefully considered plan. Among other things, such plan includes a secured “emergency file” containing all representatives’ signatures, current letterheads and measures as to the further approach which have been exactly defined in advance together with you.

The effect: all physicians and pharmacies throughout Germany will be informed within 24/48 hours.

What’s important in direct marketing?

The essence of direct marketing is to transport messages directly to the desired audience – without any carrier medium and without any wasted coverage. The goal is to obtain a direct response, thus being able to measure the advertising campaign’s success.

Performance measurement made easy
Document and response management

Customer feedback and an impeccable handling of such feedback are vital in direct marketing. This is the only way to obtain transparent information about how successful your measures have been and to derive future actions.

Here are some real-world scenarios:

  • You have attached to/enclosed in your mailing a form by means of which (prospective) customers can request a brochure.
  • You wish to obtain valuable feedback from your customers by means of a questionnaire.
  • You host events or trainings and wish to document the results in a questionnaire, if applicable, also award CME credits.
  • You enable customers to request drug samples, at the same time ensuring that the request is made by an authorised person and in compliance with the sample restrictions pursuant to the German Pharmaceuticals Act (“AMG”), German law on the advertising of medicinal products (“HWG”) and the German Pharma Code.

direkt + online’s fully digitalised response management system manages and automates feedback on your campaigns, thus conveniently providing you with the necessary clarity for measuring the campaign’s success. The system allows an automated or manual capture and reading of documents such as fax forms or analogue documents. The documents are assigned to the correct customer and the files, together with the captured data, are archived automatically.

During the entire document and response capture process, direkt + online provides you with information in order to monitor the response volume and quality. After the respective campaign’s completion or, at your choice, in regular intervals during the campaign, you receive both the digitised documents and the read and captured data for further processing.

If requested by you, direkt + online will also perform sample inspection and documentation in addition to these services. We check contingents and budgets and will gladly assume the dispatch of requested advertising material, brochures or drug samples.

Saving valuable resources: Our pharma logistics centre

Maintaining your own warehouse and handling order processes yourself is very time-consuming and resource-intensive. We recommend outsourcing these services and focusing instead on your core competencies such as research and development.

direkt + online will gladly assume the entire logistic-related implementation of your measures, i.e., we will manage your inventories and take care of orders, packaging and dispatch. Furthermore, our integrated IT tools such as web stores and direct order systems will facilitate and optimise the entire order process.

You may rest assured that we will comply with the high demands on the storage and transport of pharmaceutical products at all times. Our logistics centre is specialized in the process requirements of customers from the pharmaceutical and medical engineering as well as the medical aid sectors. direkt + online is certified according to ISO 9001-2015 for the entire business and is recognised as pharmaceutical wholesaler pursuant to Art. 52a AMG (German Pharmaceuticals Act) by the Government of Upper Bavaria.

  • 2,000 sqm storage space
  • 3,500 pallet spaces
  • up to 10,000 shipments per day
  • 400,000 packages/p.a.

Fulfilment and logistics: successful examples from practice


The customer had set the goal of reducing the costs of storage capacity for field staff, reducing the destruction of unused material and creating greater cost awareness through visible budgeting. This was to be achieved by questioning previous processes such as push deliveries, quarterly deliveries, pallet deliveries and recall campaigns.


With the developed solution, direkt + online provides storage space, process management, a web store for sales staff and coordination services. Furthermore, we recommended replacing central push deliveries by individual deliveries. The optimization process is completed by cost-oriented budgeting and the possibility for field staff to get direct insight into budgeting.

Project success

Due to the elimination of central push deliveries, field staff no longer needs to use any storage space. The storing of item costs and corresponding budgeting resulted in more demand-oriented requests of the field staff and thus a 30% saving in material production and purchasing, while smaller deliveries facilitate the handling of goods by field staff.


During trade fairs, conferences or training courses, our customer’s field staff uses folding stands, transportable trade fair stands and roll-ups in addition to promotional materials, advertising materials and individually compiled brochures and folders. The previous order and delivery process involved several departments and service providers.


The folding stand and promotional materials order process has been optimised by merging and integrating direkt + online to provide a dedicated trade show warehouse and specialised web store. This enables field staff to easily place orders and reserve events in advance without any time constraints.

Project success

Field staff can centrally order the required materials online and the items are delivered directly to the event. Pre-booking and direct insights increase the utilisation of folding stands, exhibition stands and roll-ups. At the same time, material orders are significantly reduced by returning and re-collecting any unused material.


According to the German law on the advertising of medicinal products (“HWG”) and the German Pharmaceuticals Act (“AMG”), pharmaceutical companies are allowed to distribute limited drug samples to authorised persons. This often involves field staff or mailings with a reply option. In order to comply with legal requirements, it is important to record the orders, check the authorisation, and package and distribute the samples with complete documentation.


direkt + online offers a holistic and GDP/GMP-validated solution for the sample request and delivery process including storage, ordering, packaging, documentation and delivery. Our customers receive expert support in connection with regulatory and legal compliance and are able to provide the required proof at all times. The process is closely linked to other sample processes and allows for simple coordination and processing.

Project success

Drug samples are delivered in compliance with all applicable laws, whereas the entire process is fully digitalised and thus can be audited at any time. Changes in the sampling scheme, whether due to external requirements, for example, by EFPIA, or internal amendments can be integrated and practically implemented in a timely and uncomplicated manner. Sample delivery is also possible simultaneously without blocking other delivery channels via direct marketing measures.

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